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The Axial Schoolhouse

According to Ethel Thompson  who wrote in the book This is what I remember vol. II

"The parents decided they needed a school. They got the materials and Bill Taylor, a carpenter, built the one-room log schoolhouse. It had four windows, a wooden floor and a boughten door. They had sent to Sears and Roebuck for the desk."

Axial became a school district, District 21, Feb. 20, 1892,

In March 1892 C.J. Collom put an advertisement in for a new teacher, It reads:

"A new school district has been established here (no 21). CJ. Collom the bashful Secretary of the School Board is now ready to receive applications from any of the good looking school marms who think they would like to venture into a precinct where there are many  eligible young men that are becoming desperate. The secretary is a lonely young bachelor who would like for each applicant for the school to be inclose a photograph of herself to enable the school board to more readily choose a teacher."

It held classes every year until the school closed in 1962.

Walt Proctor Donated the Axial Basin school to the Wyman Museum in 2013.

In Sept of 2017 the Axial Basin School started its journey to its new home at the Wyman museum.

Thank you to Acord Crane Service and Bud Bower and Bower Construction for lifting and driving it here.

Axial Schoolhouse comes to Craig!
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