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Pagoda Store


Lou Wyman

The Pagoda Store

The Pagoda Store is a special highlight of the museum complex, with authentic displays of the variety of goods that were available to country folk over the last 100 years. The store was moved from it's original location from the town of Pagoda , which is located on the Williams Fork River, in 2004 to it's current location . It was moved in two pieces ( roof and body) to accomidate power lines, then reconnected and refurbished by Kenny Harris from Hayden, Co. .

The small homesteading community of Pagoda was established in the  late 1880's near the Williams Fork River on state highway 317. The post office originally opened in 1889 in the home of James A. Bennet.

The Pagoda Store was built in 1906 by J.W. Hugus . It was constructed of sawed log's 25 feet by 40 feet with a good sized cellar. The missionary work was done by a man named Kane  of Hamilton, Colorado. William Taylor and E.A. Aiken worked with a man named Robinson as the carpenters. The post office moved to the store after it's completion.

As in many small communities, the store was an important gathering place as well as the site for elections and weddings  after the turn of the century. The front counters show  the spur marks from the cowboys sitting on the counter and running their spurs up and down it as they visited.

The back room of the store was originally a storage room, now houses local art, crafts and other handmade items from around the Yampa Valley. The store is open daily , except major holidays.

Information taken from Flickering Lights in Vacant Windows by: Perry Vandorn and Early Day Settlers On Williams Fork by: Frances H. Dunstan.Lofholm, Nancy; Denver Post 10-11-06.

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